Multiplication & Division Facts

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Look! I have used this on my son from the age of three (3) and I will tell
you! It works!!! While in third grade he was given (Minute Math) he
always got (100%) 


This Multiplication/Division Tables (Math Facts) came about from my father, who told us it would be beneficial to learn what we call the "Time-Tables" or Multiplication Tables; both "Multiplication & Division" at the same time. 

 My dad told us to say it (as he use to say) backwards... He said: "Say it, then say it backwards so after you say: "Two ones are two." Say: "Two into two, one." 

I did not know the value or how beneficial it would be until I grew a-bit
older.  Learning "Multiplication and Division at the same time, made
solving math problems faster and easier because it is already in your head, no need for pencil and paper....this is how it makes doing math faster and easier, it can do the same for your kid/s.  


So, Many! Many! Thanks to my father Will Martin Sr. who made us learn our time tables (Multiplication Facts) both multiplication and division at the same time.

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